Yangzhou Xiyi Electric Equipment Manufacturing &Trade Co.Ltd


       Yangzhou Xiyi Electric Equipment Manufacturing &Trade Co. Ltd was established in 2000, and is located in Yangzhou city,Jiangsu province.Besides.The company is specialized in manufacturing and trade of electric power line transmission tools.

       Our products are mainly supplied to power companies, railroad companies and other industry fields. Xiyi always considers the viewpoints and demands of customers when we develop new products. We have such a strict quality control system, that our products have already been used by the whole country extensively.  According to the actual application within the scope of local electric power system for several years, the electric power equipment of Xiyi has been confirmed with high efficiency, convenient maintenance and good after-sale service.

       We really hope to develop friendships and do business with friends for mutual benifit from all over the world to make an effort for both progress in the fierce competitive world.

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Yangzhou Xiyi Electric Equipment Manufacturing &Trade Co.Ltd

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Web: www.xiyipower.com
Tel: 86--13813186357
Zonghe Village,Little West Lake street,Yangzhou City,Jiangsu province,China, Jiangsu, China, 225000


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