Changzhou XiaQing Technological Co., Ltd

Changzhou XiaQing Technological Co., Ltd is an ester products manufacturer in Henglin Town, Changzhou city, with an area of 35,000 square meters, a fixed asset of RMB 30 million and 100 employees(including 5 senior engineers, 3 engineers and 6 technicians; all of them are skilled in the research and development of new products). Moreover, there are leading inspection instruments and first-grade experimental base inside XiaQing, therefore XiaQing has ability to achieve further development continuously. XiaQing is next to national highway 312 and Shanghai-Ningbo expressway; we enjoy good location.

Since our foundation, XiaQing has been working hard to train its technicians; at the same time, XiaQing also has established long-term cooperative development relationships with famous institutes and universities all over the world. Presently, XiaQing mainly offers more than 100 kinds of medicines, pesticides and dye intermediates, all of them are well-received in EU, USA and Southeast Asia.

Isopropyl nitrite

Appearance:Gray yellow oily liquid Molecular Weight:89.094 Density:1.02 Boiling Point:39 °C at 760 mmHg Flash Point:-37℃ Refractive index:1.404, Isopropyl nitrite;CAS No. 541-42-4

mono-tert-Butyl malonate

Molecular Weight:160.17 Density:1.126 Boiling Point:90℃(2 torr) Melting Point:19-20℃ Flash Point:97.7 °C Refractive index:n20/D 1.426(lit.), mono-tert-Butyl malonate;CAS No. 40052-13-9

Isobutyl nitrite

Appearance:colourless to pale yellow liquid Molecular Weight:103.11976 Density:0.87 Boiling Point:66-67℃ Flash Point:-21℃ Storage Temperature:0-6°C Refractive index:1.37-1.375 Solubility:<0.1 g/100 mL (19 oC) Stability: Stable. Incompatible with acids, alcohols, strong bases. Decomposes slowly in water. Flammable - incompatible with strong oxidizing agents. Note wide explosion limits. May be light and moisture sensitive. Oxidizer. May explode if heated., Isobutyl nitrite;CAS No. 542-56-3

tert-Butyl nitrite

Appearance:clear yellow liquid Molecular Weight:103.121 Density:0.867 Boiling Point:61-63℃ Flash Point:-10℃ Storage Temperature:2-8°C Refractive index:1.367-1.37 Solubility:slightly soluble, tert-Butyl nitrite;CAS No. 540-80-7

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