Master Welded Wire Fence Co., Ltd.


China Welded Wire Fence Supplier Gains Your Trust by Quality & Price

Master Welded Wire Fence Co., Ltd. was established in 1983 as a manufacturer and exporter of welded wire fence, security fence, fence toppings and livestock panels in China. For over 30 years, we have been dedicated to serving our customers of USA, Europe, South Asia and other regions and countries. Since its foundation, our company has taken great pride in our commitment to be a one-source manufacturer specializing in perimeter fencing for residential, commercial and security applications.

How We Gain Your Trust?

Master is committed to doing business differently and honestly. Not only by providing one-stop fencing products to customers, but also serve our customers by delivering the proper products at right price, at right time and at right quality. once cooperate with our company, you will receive prompt responses about any problem you are concerning.

How can We Guarantee Product Quality?

Quality is a very important factor when select a fence for your property. It will affects the durability, appearance as well as the strength. We don't provide the products at the lowest price with the lest quality. We provide high quality products at reasonable price. Our products can be strictly manufactured according to ASTM, BSI or AS standards or custom standards.

When come to welded wire fence and livestock panels, Master is your prime source.

A picture shows detail, fabrication, test, company and office of our company.

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