ed Motor Magnet Plating Nickel


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Customized Motor Magnet Plating Nickel In the domain of modern electric engineering and manufacturing,neodymium motor magnet is the main component of the motors.Neodymium magnets could be found in AC and DC motors of aerospace, aviation, military and industrial equipments. Shine magnetics could produce motor magnets include the neodymium magnets,smco magnets and ferrite magnets, these magnets are used in electric motors, PM motors, AC motors, DC motors, linear motors, stepping motors, brushless motors etc. Main Manufacturing process of ndfeb magnets 1.Pressing ndfeb garins: pressing process was operated in strong magnetic environment. 2.Sintering of ndfeb blocks: sintering was processed in a vacuum furnace. 3.Wire cut: ndfeb magnet are fragile materials,usually specified dimensions was required, genneral cutting process could not reach the standard of sizes,usually cutting process had operated in wire cut machines. 4.Grinding process: Grinding process: To reach the tolerance, a diamond polish tool is needed. 5.Plating: Neodymium magnets had been treated with electrical plating,otherwise it will rust in the air. Platings that have been successfully applied to neodymium magnets are epoxy plating,nickel plating,NICUNI plating,zinc palting and even silver plating and gold plating. 6.Magnetization of NdFeB: As the customized demands,we usually use magnetization facility which ranged from 2~100 Koe. Coatings available & Tests Coatings Available: Zinc, NiCuNi, Epoxy, Gold, Silver, Tin etc. Tests: Plating Thickness Test,Salt Spray Test,PCT Test Quality Guarantee Shine Magnetics has focused on quality control since its founding. Necessary and strict checks and tests are taken in all production processes to make sure any products made by us are trouble free. To work with Shine Magnetics is to get the most reliable supplier of magnetic products. It goes without saying that our magnetic products comply with the highest quality standards. We are working continually to improve the quality and process of the products. Following Tests Could be made as per customers` requirements: HAST Test: Test Condition: 132.9℃, 95% humidity, 2.9 ATM, 7 days Weight Loss: 3mg/C㎡ http://www.shinemagnets.com

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