stability Low Voltage Switchgear

The Main Features

1、The cabinet frame is a combination structure, and the basic framework is assembled by c-shaped materials. All the structural parts of the cabinet frame are galvanized, and the door partition mounting bracket and bus function unit corresponding to the scheme change are assembled into a complete switch cabinet

2、high temperature resistance Low Voltage Switchgear is divided into three rooms, namely, horizontal bus room, drawer compartment, cable room and between the room with steel plate or high strength flame retardant plastic function plate separated from each other

3、The structural design of the cabinet can meet the requirements of various in-out schemes: upper path,upper-lower path, lower-upper path,and lower path

4、The structure has strong versatility and flexible assembly:With E=25mm as module, the structure and extractive units can be arbitrarily combined to meet the needs of system design

5、The busbar is protected by high strength, flame retardant, high insulating strength plastic function board, which has the function of anti-fault arc and makes the operation and maintenance safe and reliable

6、Various size drawer mechanical chain mechanism in accordance with the standard provisions, the connection test separation of three obvious positions, safe and reliable

7、Using high strength fire retardant engineering plastics, effectively strengthen the safety performance.

8、High degree of generalization and standardization, convenient assembly and reliable quality assurance

9、Cabinet can be selected according to the different requirements of the working environment corresponding protection level,Strong continuity and reliability of equipment protection


MNS INDOOR ELECTRICAL SWITCHGEAR can be widely used in all kinds of low-voltage power distribution systems such as power plant substation working condition enterprise building hotel municipal construction

Environmental conditions for product use

1、Ambient air should be no less than -5℃ at +40℃, and its average temperature should be no higher than +35℃ within 24 hours

2、The air is clean and the relative humidity is not more than 50% at the highest temperature +40℃ and 90% at the lower temperature, such as +20℃

3、Less than 2000m above sea level

4、No explosive gas, chemical corrosive gas, dust and violent vibration that can destroy the insulation, installation inclination shall not be more than 5 degrees

5、The device is suitable for transportation and storage in the following temperature ranges :-25℃ to +55℃, not exceeding +70℃ within a short time (24 hours)

6、When the above environmental conditions are exceeded, please consult with the manufacturer


MNS indoor electrical switchgear is compact in design, with smaller space to accommodate more functional units with strong versatility and flexible assembly

The design of cabinet put oneself in another's position is compact, the structure of strong commonality, standard modular design, safety and high technical performance, can make full use of the transformer room space, the drawer has five kinds of standard size, has reliable mechanical and electrical interlocking device, the state of the more obvious location.

Compact design: small space to accommodate more functional units

High degree of generalization and standardization, convenient assembly and reliable quality assurance.

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