Big industrial exhaust fan power consumption ventiladores ceilingfans


Air Volume: 13100 CMM
Power: 1.5kW
Blade diameter(m):: 7.2
Price: USD 1530.00/1
MOQ: 1 1

Main Features
1) Easy in installation and maintation.

2) Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts ,electric parts and operation parts.

3) The speed of wind is 1-4 m/s, provide the best feeling for people.

4) Low-consumption and high-efficiency.

5) This energy-saving industrial ceiling fans have been widely used in machinery, agriculture, animal husbandry and food production industries.

Technical parameter






Blade diameter






Motor power(kw)










Max. Speed

70 RPM

65 RPM

58 RPM

52 RPM

Max. Air Volume

9000 CMM

10500 CMM

11800 CMM

13100 CMM






Operating Principle

Installation Methods

Product Parts

Big industrial exhaust fan power co<em></em>nsumption ventiladores ceilingfans

Installation Case

Our Services
NO. Service Applicable venue Site Features Provide content Effect
1 Ventilation project for tall building Stadium, waiting room, large halls, convention centers, aircraft manufacturing, shipbuilding and other industries Height>15m 1.Pre-sales consultation
2.Program design
3.Equipment selection 4.Equipment production
5.Engineering construction
6.After-sales consultation
Can prevent heatstroke in indoors and improve the production environment
2 Ventilation project for large venues Machinery, home appliances, automobiles, hardware and other manufacturing industries Area>3000m2,Height>5m Can save investment costs while solving the problem of ventilation
3 Ventilation project for small buildings Garment factory, electronics factory, shoemaking and other processing industries Area<3000m2,Height<4m Can significantly improve the production process
4 Farming ventilation Farm, plantation Room temperature>35℃ Can maintain ventilation to prevent excessive indoor temperature
5 Ventilation project for commercial occasions Supermarkets, hotels, shopping malls, canteens, conference rooms Crowded venues Accelerate air flow
6 Heat removal project High temperature industries such as chemical, smelting, casting and forging Workshop with high temperature heat source Can discharge hot air out of the room and reduce indoor heat accumulation
7 Dehumidification, mold removal project Chemical, smelting, casting and forging and other high temperature industries Large wet space Can accelerate indoor water evaporation, accelerate air flow, and humid air is discharged outside to prevent mold growth.
8 Dust collection project Soot produced in industrial production Various soot particles produced in production Dust removal efficiency reaches over 95%
9 Dust removal in the woodworking industry Dust generated by the furniture woodworking industry A lot of soot is produced in the wood processing Can collect most woodwork dust
10 Exhaust gas purification treatment project Organic (VOC) waste gas and inorganic waste gas produced in industrial production A lot of waste gas is produced in the production, and the pollution is serious. Purification rate is over 95%
11 Catering industry fume purification equipment Restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, etc. Fume produced by food in frying Good purification effect
12 Garbage operation station deodorization project Urban domestic waste transfer station Garbage operation station with large traffic Can prevent malodorous gases from spreading and affect residents' lives.

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