im Carbide Rail Guide Assembly

origin: Chengdu, China
packaging: carton
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Passim Carbide Rail Guide Assembly We have been doing some modification of the guide assembly for cigarette factories, like DWA Company in Singapore. Here I attached some photos of two sets of Protos 80/90 Rail Guide that we just completed (we changed the standard 7.7mm to 7mm). They are the most consumable parts, and need to be changed frequently.Just email me if you want to know more info about it, like part number and price, etc. Zhengtong is a global supplier of tobacco machine spare parts for mainstream tobacco machinery manufacturers like Hauni, GD, Molins, Focke, Sasib, and Schmermund. With drawings or samples, we accept customization. If you can not find what you want from our web pages, you're welcomed to check with our customer service team. We have parts for: Making Line ( Makers): Molins Mark 8, Mark 9, Mark 9-5, Passim, Super 9, Max 3, Max 5, Max S, Hauni Protos 70, 80, 90, 90E, M5, M8, KDF1, KDF2, KDF3, GD121, etc. Packing Lines(Packers): HLP1, HLP2, COMPAS, GDX1, GDX2, GDX2000, GDX3000, Focke 350, etc. Some Knives for Cutting machines( Cutters) Tens of thousands of replacement parts are available from stock! Enjoy a quick delivery of 3 working days!

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