Color Coating Line

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Color coating is a process of coating steel coil sheets with organic paints such as PE, SMP, HDP, PVDF, and SJ. We can provide the following lines, color coating line for building, CCL for home appliance, coil coating line with fluorocarbon, decorative or insulation coating, and color printing line etc, according to your requirements.

This is a color coating line that forms coats through advance application and baking of coating materials onto strips produced by Continuous Galvanizing Lines (CGL; to enhance corrosion resistance) and Continuous Annealing Lines (CAL; to improve properties, such as strength and elongation). It is an add-on for visual aspects of strips, such as color and gloss, as well as for protective elements, such as weather and corrosion resistance.

1. Specifications
raw material:cold rolled strip,GI,GL,aluminum strip

energy:electricity and gas

2.The process of Prepainted Steel Sheets:

UncoilingWeldingInlet LooperCleaningChemical TreatmentPrimary CoatingBaking of Primary CoatingCooling of Primary Coating Finish Coating Baking of Finish Coating Cooling of Finish Coating Outlet Looper Checking Stamping Cutting Coiling.

3.Product use:

The color-coated steel plate is made of galvanized sheet with galvanized sheet as the substrate, and after being treated with surface degreasing, phosphating, chromate, etc., and coated with organic coating, it is widely used in corrugated board in the construction field. Sandwich panels, decorative panels and some home appliances.


1. The exhaust gas in the recyclable oven is returned to use heat.

2. using multiple mode PLC control system.

3. simple operation control, high coating precision.

4. a wide range of raw materials for galvanized sheet, galvanized sheet, cold rolled sheet, etc.

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