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China 7500t/a Soy Protein Isolate Production Line with High-Quality, Leading 7500t/a Soy Protein Isolate Production Line Manufacturers & Suppliers, find 7500t/a Soy Protein Isolate Production Line Factory & Exporters.

Located in high-tech debelopment zone of Jining city of Shandong province, our company is close to Mountain Tai in the north and next to Weishan Lake in the south. Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway and Grand Canal all run through the city. There is expressway connecting our company directly to Qingdao port. In addition, Jining airport has opened multiple airlines to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. To sum it up, the traffic is very convenient. 1. Raw Materials: low-temperature soybean flakes 2. Products: soybean protein isolate (protein content is higher than 90 percent) 2.1 By-Products: soybean dregs (used for production of soybean dietary fiber) Soybean protein isolate production line (annual capacity: 20,000 tons SPI) 3. Applications 3.1 Severing as a kind of food additive, soybean protein isolate is able to efficiently improve the protein content of the food, thus improving food functional performance. 3.2 SPI is also suitable for production of health care products. 3.3 It can be used for production of environment friendly binding agents as well. 4. Process Description We make use of alkali-solution and acid-isolation extraction process to separate fiber and protein from low-temperature soybean flakes. Then, separated protein solids go through high pressure homogenization, high temperature sterilization and spray drying to produce protein isolates. Production Process 5. Major Devices Rising conveyor, magnetic separator, scale, extractor, high pressure pump, separator, quantifying pump for PH value, neutralization tank, flash tank, sterilizer, homogenizer, spray drying tower, classifying screen, heat exchanger, air heater, vacuum system, protein collector, protein packing system, elctrical control equipment and other auxiliary devices 6. Production Capacity: 10t/d-30t/d SPI Extractor Separator Drying tower we also provide the following project and equipment: Oilseed Pretreatment Project Oilseed Pressing Project Oil Extraction Project Oil Refining Project Cottonseed Miscella Refining Project Low Temperature and Edible Soybean Meal Project Soy Protein Concentrate Project Soy Protein Isolate Project

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