Cassava cleaning and washing machine


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In the process of cassava processing, the first step will be the cleaning and washing. The machine be used in the cleaning and washing process not only determine the damage rate of the material but also have an importance influence on the further production process.

Cassava cleaning machine
The cleaning machine used for the cassava processing is the dry sieve. It is widely used in the impurities remove process in the cassava processing which can effectively remove the soil, sand and other impurities. The dry sieve is designed with multiple inner spirals which can automatically and effectively push the raw cassava forward. What’s more, the stable and reliable moving speed prevents the raw cassava from damage.

The advantages of cassava cleaning machine
1.reasonable rotating speed ensures the machine move stably and make the material free of damage
2.The parameters design can be adjusted according to the material features
3.simple structure, easy maintenance and low power consumption

The cassava washing machine
After the cleaning process, the cassava will be washed in the paddle washing machine to further remove the surface impurities. The paddle washing machine adopts the countercurrent washing principle. Driven by the paddle rotating, the cassava will move against the water current which can remove the sand and mud in high efficiency.

The advantages of cassava washing machine
1.Stable move speed can not only guarantee the low material damage rate but improve the extraction rate
2.Reasonable arrangement for the material input improve the washing efficient
3.Easy operation, energy saving and low water consumption
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