Remote Pressure Control Regulating Water Valve

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ZAZP type electric direct double plate regulating valve( double seated adjusting valve) is the terminal control device of industrial process measurement and control system.Remote regulating valve is composed of linear electric actuator and direct double plate modulating valve.Remote regulating valve can change the position of closure member in the valve- valve spool automatically according to system control signal, and change the circulation area of valve spool and valve plate, that is to change the resistance coefficient of valve in order to regulate the technological parameter as medium volum, pressure and liquid level.

ZAZ type electric single, double plate Remote regulating valve is the combination product of modulating valve body and linear electric actuator. Its power is 220V, 50HZ. It receives uniform standard signal 4~20 mA( type) or 0~10 mA(II type) and controls the opening degree of valve according to the signal so as to regulate technological parameters such as temperature, pressure and liquid volume, etc. It is widely used in power generation, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, light industry and boiler feed water.

Main parameter
(1) feedback signal: type 4~20 mA, II type 0~10 mA
(2) Voltage of the power supply: single phase voltage 220V, 50HZ.

(3) Humidity of the operating environment: servoamplifier≤10~70%, modulating valve≤85%

(4) Temperature of the operating environment: servoamplifier0~50ºC
modulating valve-10~7ºC(-25~90ºC)
(5) Suitable medium temperature for electric modulating valve:
Ordinary cast iron PN1.6MPa -20~+200ºC
Ordinary cast steel PN4.0;6.4MPa -40~+250ºC
With cooling fin type: -40~+450ºC
Cast stainless steel -60~+450ºC

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