0.2mm Flex PCB assembly


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China 0.2mm Flex PCB assembly with High-Quality, Leading 0.2mm Flex PCB assembly Manufacturers & Suppliers, find 0.2mm Flex PCB assembly Factory & Exporters.

We can assembly flex PCB with urgent service.Besides we can fabricate quick turn flex PCB also,The fastest leadtime is 2 days for 2 layer PCB.Any urgent flex Assembly and Flex PCB jobs.Pls free to contact us.Quick turn quote will be sent once received your Gerber and Bom files. PCB features: 1.Layer: 2layer 2.Material: Polyimide 3.Thickness:0.2mm 4.Copper: 1oz 5.Mini hole: 0.25mm 6.Mini width/space: 0.15mm/0.15mm 7.Finish: Immersion Gold Our manufacturing capability: Manufacture capability layers: 1-32 layers Materials: CEM1, CEM3, Teflon, Rogers, FR-4, high TG FR-4, aluminum base, halogen free Max board Size: 510*1200mm Material: RoHS Directive-compliant PCB thickness: 1.6mm-6.4mm Out layer copper thickness: 1-6oz Inner layer copper thickness: 1OZ-12OZ Max board thickness: 6.0mm Minimum hole size: 0.150mm Minimum line width/space: 3/3mil Min S/M pitch: 0.1mm (4mil) Plate thickness and aperture ratio: 12:1 Minimum hole copper: 20μm Hole diameter tolerance (PTH): ±0.075mm (3mil) Hole diameter tolerance (NPTH): ±0.05mm (2mil) Hole position deviation: ±0.05mm (2mil) Outline tolerance: ±0.05mm (2mil) Surface finish: HASL leadfree, immersion ENIG, chem tin, flash gold, OSP, gold finger, peelable, immersion silver,ENEPIG Solder mask: green/blue/red/black,purple,white,yellow,transparent Legend: white/black/yellow Outline: rout and score/V-cut E-test: 100% Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy PCBs and PCBAs From Storm Circuit 1.TOP Quality--It must be the first important key.We always put quality as the first.In PCB industrial,we have over 99% equipments in house. Drilling,Plating,Pressing,AOI (Auto-optical Inspection),Testing,etc.That is why we can guarantee our quality. 2.Shipping On Time even Early. Our Standard lead time for 1-2 layer is 5 working days,Multi-layer 6-8 working days.What is standard? see details. And our Express Service offer 1-2 days for double sided boards,3 days for multilayer boards. 3.High Mix boards. Whatever you need normal FR4,high TG ,Aluminum board,RF board with low Er,PTFE(Teflon),heavy copper.large board,high tech board with blind/burried vias.impedence control boards.we can offer such products in quick turn as we have many different material in stock. 4.Technical Support.Free DFM, free file review.Many customers (especially for some designers) are not good at manufacturing process,even they can not generate correct gerber file from their EDA.With much experience in PCB industrial,here are some design tips for you.7*24 online support except our Chinese New Year. 5.StormProto Service.what is stormproto ? see here.You want to cut prototypes cost,that is our stormproto value.With this service,you can save at least 50% cost. 6.Reasonable Price. Our price is NOT cheapest but is the most reasonable cost.You trust us,then we can offer you our best products and service. 7.Fast Response,Fast Shipping. Each enquiry can be replied in 2 hours.2-3 days from us to your door.see shipment. 8.NO MOQ. We do not have any minimum quantity requirements,even -one board for PCB fabrication and assemble. 9.One Stop Service. We not only produce PCB ,but also PCBA and cable assemble .A bare PCB is not what you want,you may need stencil to screen,components to load and cable to connect. Now,you can throw all to us and wait your final product on your desk. 10.Large in-house stock of parts. We have many components stock in house,that is you will save much time and cost on your total project.Especially for any resistors,capacitors,relays,ICs. http://www.stormpcb.com

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