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Printed Circuit Boards & Pcb Assembly & SMT Advanced Technology With a specialized focus on vertical electronic manufacturing services (EMS), Topscom provides assembly and build of electronic products. Our PCB assembly complies to strict quality requirements, including IPC standards. • 01005 components, fine pitch and high count BGAs, Package on Package (POP), Chip on Board, fiber optics, RF microelectronics, press fit connectors • Hybrid processes (tin-lead and lead-free), pin through hole, wave & selective soldering, double and single sided reflow, wide body and backplanes • Quick turn prototype assembly, RoHS compliance certification, conformal & parylene coating, laser marking • Inspection and testing using the latest SPI, AOI, Flying probe and X-Ray equipment • Comprehensive electrical testing and test system development for boundary scan, in-circuit test (ICT), functional test and burn in test (BIT) • 10 Lines High Speed Siemens SMT line,D4+D4+D1,which can meet high volume requirements. Our Electronics Assembly operations are conducted within an organized and clean manufacturing environment, arranged in line with 5S lean-oriented organized workplace. Our facilities are ESD protected, air conditioned and humidity controlled. We have over 20 years of experience in production of printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA). pcb assembly, electronics contract manufacturing services,china pcb smt assembly,pcba and printed circuit boards assembly services, oem manufacturing,electronic pcb assembly,china supplier manufacturer companies factory, Topscom Technology. General Overview & Capacity: Production according to international standards Workmanship standards in line with IPC-A-610 (Class 2 and 3) Traceability level: based on Customer requirements High-performance SMT lines: 950,0000 components per hour (cph) Components placed in 2016: 7000 million (aprox. 3,5 million PCBAs) Free capacity available and quick ability to increase capacity by 20%-30% Software Control & Capabilities online SMT machine control: Feeder / Machine Slot / Reel validation, PPM level tracking (feeder / component / nozzle tracking), Automatically set Quality alerts, Consumption level tracking Traceability online Material Consumption reporting by component/reel Production Management Systems Quality Data (reporting, reflow profiles, AOI, SPI, Xray, test ) record system & historical data Valor Vplan – defect-free NPI production SMT production (technology) Stencil Printing (3D inspection, Hawkeye) Dispense technology (glue, paste) Placement of 01005, BGA/CSP, QFP, uBGA Pin-in-Paste technology Reflow soldering in nitrogen atmoshpere Inline AOI in each SMT line THT production: Radial/VCD automatic insertion and manual placement Wave soldering in nitrogen atmosphere Manual soldering Depaneling (router, punch) AOI inspection PCB protection: Advanced conformal coating (partial, angle) Potting Inspection: SPI (Solder Paste Inspection) X-Ray Inline AOI for SMT Offline AOI for THT Test: In-house test development (functional test, in-process verification tests) In-circuit test (ICT) Functional test Safety tests (high voltage) RoHS tests (X-ray fluorescence) Burn-in (aging) test Environmental tests http://www.pcbassemblycn.com

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