Price: USD 12000.00/set
MOQ: 1 set

Model: APM
Application: Liquid, Perfume
Function: Freezing, filtering and mixing
Mixer Type: Paddle
Filter: Microporous filter
Freezing temperature: -15 ℃
Freezing time: 90-180min (based on the production capacity)
Freezing medium: R22 or R401 optional
Production capacity: 100L-1000L/batch
Power(W): 3KW
Voltage & frequency: Three phases 380v, 50Hz


Perfume freezing machine is developed on the basis of bring in overseas advanced technology, it is specialized used in clarification and filtration of fluid after freezing in cosmetic water, perfume water, it is ideal equipment for cosmetic factory filtrating cosmetic water, perfume water. It adopts stainless steel 304-2B or 316L, with pneumatic diaphragm pump imported from U.S. as pressure source so as to positive pressure filtrating. The connecting pipes adopt sanitation grade polishing pipe, most are quick-install connecting way, easy to take apart and clean. Equipped with polypropylene micro porous filtrating membrane which is widely applied in cosmetic industry, research institute, hospital, laboratory etc., to clarify of little fluid and sterilization or chemical analysis, convenient and reliable.

  • APM Perfume Freezing Machine
  • APM Perfume Freezing Machine 02
  • APM Perfume Freezing Machine 03
  • APM Perfume Freezing Machine 04

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