Hebei Zhonghai Shipping Accessories Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Hebei Zhonghai shipping accessories manufacturing Co., Ltd.,was established in 1990. After several years of development, it has become a leader in the manufacture and sale of various engine valves in China. Our company introduces advanced FUJI production technology and strict testing methods. There are more than 150 valve production equipment, using the advanced technology of electrothermal forging, bimetal friction welding machine, shot peening, chromium plating, solid solution treatment, molding grinding, spiral polishing, mirror polishing and so on. The valve face uses Stellite or Ni base alloy technology, the stem uses gas nitriding technology, high precision, strong wear resistance, quality has reached The leading level in China.

Products cover ships, trains, cars, agricultural machinery and other internal combustion engine valves, valve seats, guide bushes, etc., for a number of well-known diesel engine manufacturers matching.

1.Marine inlet valve spindle and exhaust valve spindle (valve stem)

2.Generator Engine Valve

3.Machinery engine valve

4.Diesel engine valve

5.Locomotive engine valve

6.Engine valve seat

ntake and Exhaust Valve Engine

China {title} with High-Quality, Leading {title} Manufacturers & Suppliers, find {title} Factory & Exporters., MITSUBISHI Intake Valve,Exhaust Valve Engine,MITSUBISHI Valve Engine

alve Engine Parts EMD645 Valve

China Diesel Train Valve Engine Parts EMD645 Valve with High-Quality, Leading Diesel Train Valve Engine Parts EMD645 Valve Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Diesel Train Valve Engine Parts EMD645 Valve Factory & Exporters., Train Engine Parts,EMD645 Engine Valve,Locomotive Intake Exhaust Engine Valve

d KOMATSU S6D125 Engine Piston

China Forged KOMATSU S6D125 Engine Piston with High-Quality, Leading Forged KOMATSU S6D125 Engine Piston Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Forged KOMATSU S6D125 Engine Piston Factory & Exporters., S6D125 Engine Spare Parts,For KOMATSU Engine Piston,Heavy Duty Machinery Engine Piston

Capri3.0GT Engine Parts Valve

China Ford Capri3.0GT with High-Quality, Leading Ford Capri3.0GT Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Ford Capri3.0GT Factory & Exporters., Ford Series Car Engine Valve,Ford Capri3.0GT Car Engine Spare Parts,Capri3.0GT Engine Valve on Sale

ngines Racing Car Engine Valve

China racing car engines engine valve with High-Quality, Leading racing car engines engine valve Manufacturers & Suppliers, find racing car engines engine valve Factory & Exporters., Used for Racing Motor Engines,Intake and Exhaust Engine Valve,High Speed Racing Engine Parts

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