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Anping Poulen Wire Mesh Manufacture Co., Limited has been selling a huge range of chicken wire mesh for over 30 years. It operate from six depots in China. These six depots are filled with our massive stocks. This means quick delivery and very competitive prices. It is well known and well received by our customers due to its variety, advanced technology, stable quality and high efficiency services.

Our motivated and skilled teams specialized in supplying chicken wire fencing products to all areas of the world.

What has attributed to the growth and success of Anping Poulen Wire Mesh Manufacture Co., Limited? First and foremost, we offer the best service. Each customer receives undivided attention no matter the size of the project. Our highly knowledgeable and courteous staff discusses with each customer the material and supplies best suited for that particular job and shares their expertise to ensure the success of their project.

Anping Poulen Wire Mesh Manufacture Co., Limited encourages comparison of product quality and pricing with large chain stores. Because we buy materials in truck load quantities and only from manufacturers that offer quality chicken wire and chicken mesh products, and we are extremely competitive.

Our corporate philosophy is integrity, precision, efficiency and execution

Chicken Wire for Crafts to Surprise You

Chicken wire mesh is no longer just fence to protect our egg-laying friends from foxes anymore, it is showing up outside and inside as the most stylish decorative material at home and commercial spaces. These small and light gauge wire mesh allows it to be bent, fold, creased and cut. Flexible structure and various spray colors make chicken wire a perfect product for crafts. Amazing ideas, take the form of chicken wire mesh, make the small wire mesh crafts existed everywhere inside house or outside. Chicken wire mesh, for most occasions, is used to make a floral-decoration to be fixed vertically of horizontally. Or perhaps, it could be manufactured into a craft by itself., chicken wire crafts,chicken wire for crafts,chicken wire plants,floral decoration

Chicken Wire Ribbon Used for Crafts

Chicken wire ribbon has much smaller roll size and is colorfully painted. Chicken wire ribbon is perfect for floral arrangements: Wrap chicken wire ribbon around the base of a bouquet or make a loop with it to be a centerpiece. Chicken wire ribbon also suits for home decor like chicken wire wood displaying frame, vase decor, for crafts and sculpture and much more., chicken wire ribbon,spray lacquer,bright or rusty effect,wedding crafts

Paddle Tennis and Platform Tennis Fencing Hexagonal Wire Mesh

As is known, paddle tennis and platform tennis courts have specific and rugged requirements towards its courts' fence for its special exercise modality. Hexagonal wire mesh is just the designated fence. The 16 gauge wires are triple continuous twisted and then galvanized, GAW (galvanized after weave), to make into a 1" opening mesh. The wire is dipped into a rust inhibiting bath of molten zinc, which will guarantee the zinc coated rate is above 350 g/m2. The heavily galvanized and thicker wire than normal chicken wire assures a corrosion resistant ability to adapt for the adverse circumstance in winter. The size of each roll of wire mesh would be 72" × 180', weighted 328 lbs. Except for paddle tennis and platform tennis courts' fencing wire mesh, the same mesh is well performed to be used as conductor on the ceiling of bumper car rides., 1 inch chicken wire,woven hexagonal netting,paddle tennis wire,platform tennis wire

Gopher Control Wire Mesh Protects Lawn and Individual Plant

Once mounds begin to appear in lawn, special attention should be paid to gophers and plants. Gophers could be rather threatening to plants' root system and would become a major nuisance in everywhere plants exist. Effective and convenient solutions include poisons, gopher trap setting, flooding, but all of these could only deter them for a while. In order to prevent gophers once for all, the best and humane solution comes to gopher wire mesh. Three gopher control tools are provided: gopher wire mesh, gopher basket and welded hardware cloth. Gopher wire mesh and gopher basket are both made from chicken wire mesh, or called hexagonal wire mesh. To make gopher wire mesh be perfect in corrosion resistance, vinyl coating chicken wire is available and be compatible with all three products., gopher wire,gopher mesh,welded hardware cloth,gopher baskets,gopher wire mesh

Chicken Wire Mesh Used in Garden as Fence, Raised Bed, Trellis

Although the wide use of chicken wire mesh in chicken protection, chicken wire mesh is no longer just for chicken anymore. The distinctive feature of chicken wire mesh is its hexagons. And benefited from its light weight, it is found gradually that chicken wire mesh might also apply wonderfully to various garden applications., chicken wire garden fence,cheap greenhouse,raised bed,A-frame trellis,chicken wire cloche

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