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Shandong ChemSta Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a national high tech enterprise integrating scientific research, manufacturing, installation and service into one trusted name. Located in the high tech development zone of Jining City in the Shandong Province, we are located near the Beijing-Shanghai high speed railway, the Grand Canal, Qingdo Port, and the Jining airport, making shipping and logistics easy and as convenient as possible. We employ about 460 people, including application researchers, senior engineers and engineers. Our fixed assets are worth 180 million yuan, and our factory covers 66,000 square meters. We operate on a concept of sustainable development that is guaranteed by thinking from the customer`s perspective. With over 30 years of experience in oil production technology and enterprise management we are able to provide high quality, reliable products. We also pay strict attention to technological research and development for energy conservation, environmental protection, and control system intelligence to create more customer oriented value and user experiences. In addition, we train operators at the production site and teach the operating instructions until they are able to carry out operation of the production lines on their own. We have accomplished a number of technological achievements, including numerous awards, 30 national utility patents, and a software copyright. We have also been rated as a provincial technology research center for the production of grain and oil processing equipment, as well as a provincial enterprise technology center. As an international supplier for vegetable oil equipment and vegetable protein equipment, we are well-known throughout the oil and protein industry. Our product catalogue is extensive and includes?vegetable oil production lines, refining lines, low temperature soybean meal production lines, soybean protein concentrate production lines, soybean protein isolate production lines, cottonseed protein production lines, natural pigment extraction lines and production lines for harmless disposal of dead livestock and poultry. We also provide large scale drying machines, chemical pressure vessels, electrical control systems and common mechanical equipment. With top of the line processing equipment, a complete manufacturing system, and expert manufacturing and installation teams, we have successfully established over 200 vegetable oil production plants and vegetable protein production plants for customers all over the world. Customers come to us from Russia, America, Canada, Vietnam and other places. Looking for the right production plant for your facility? Come to us, and we will help find one to best suit your needs.

Oil Extraction Production Line

China Oil Extraction Production Line with High-Quality, Leading Oil Extraction Production Line Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Oil Extraction Production Line Factory & Exporters., High Quality Rotocel Extractor,Drag Chain Extractor,High Quality DTDC Desolventizer

rotein Isolate Production Line

China 7500t/a Soy Protein Isolate Production Line with High-Quality, Leading 7500t/a Soy Protein Isolate Production Line Manufacturers & Suppliers, find 7500t/a Soy Protein Isolate Production Line Factory & Exporters., Soybean Protein Drying,Soybean Protein Desolventizer,Soybean Protein Dryer

apeseed Oil Production Project

China Rapeseed Oil Production Project with High-Quality, Leading Rapeseed Oil Production Project Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Rapeseed Oil Production Project Factory & Exporters., Phospholipid Concentration and Drying,Oil Evaporation and Separation,Oilseed Cleaning Stone Removing and Weighing

e Soybean Meal Production Line

China 500t/d Low Temperature and Edible Soybean Meal Production Line with High-Quality, Leading 500t/d Low Temperature and Edible Soybean Meal Production Line Manufacturers & Suppliers, find 500t/d Low Temperature and Edible Soybean Meal Production Line Factory & Exporters., Edible Soybean Meal Machine,Edible Soybean Meal Equipment,Edible Soy Meal Equipment

d Pretreatment Production Line

China Oilseed Pretreatment Production Line with High-Quality, Leading Oilseed Pretreatment Production Line Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Oilseed Pretreatment Production Line Factory & Exporters., Oilseed Dehulling Machine,Oilseed Softening Conditioning Machine,Oilseed Extruding Drying Machine

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