Cessna Citation Mustang

The smallest commercial jetmaximum take-off weight :3921kgmaximum cruising speed :610km/hmaximum cruisingheight:12497mmaximum zero-fuel weight empty:4990kgCESSNA25800000.00 RMBCorporate aircraftCessna Citation Mustang, the world's first c

Bombardier Learjet 40 XR

Price:6857ten thousand RMBmaximum take-off weight :9525kgmaximum cruising speed :860km/hmaximum cruisingheight:15545mmaximum zero-fuel weight empty:4990kgLille jet (Learjet) 40XR business aircraft can take off on a shorter runway. It has

Beechcraft Hawker 200

Length of wing: 13.89 meters;Width of Passenger cabin : 1.68 meters;Height of passenger cabin: 1.65 meters;Length of passenger cabin: 4.11 meters;Maximumvolumefor luggage: 340 kilograms;Maximum take-off weight: 6260 kilograms;Maximum landin


maximum cruisingspeed: 860km/hmaximum cruisingheight: 15545mmaximum take-off weight: 9525kginside dimension:5.39m*0.98m*1.50moutside dimension:16.93m*14.56m*4.31m


maximum cruisingspeed: 835km/hmaximum cruisingheight: 12497mmaximum take-off weight: 10670kginside dimension:4.11m*1.68m*1.65moutside dimension:14.02m*13.56m*4.67m


maximum cruisingspeed: 610km/hmaximum cruisingheight: 12497mmaximum take-off weight: 3921kginside dimension:2.97m×1.4m×1.37moutside dimension:13.16m×12.37m×4.09m

used white Bombardier aircraft

Bombardier Learjet 40 XR business aircraft is the high quality light jet nowadays.It can take off on a shorter runway, with good climbing performance, fast speed and comfortable ride, with larger passenger volume and far flight distance.The

used white Beechcraft aircraft

Hawker Beechcraftis the light jet aircraft and the world's finest entry - level commercial aircraft.The maximum speed of 473 knots 29000 feet to the world's largest single hawker 200, driving the fastest jet. The hawker 200 has a range of f

used white Cessna aircraft

A "Mustang", the world's first commercial business jets most compact and can be put into operation.When flying ice layer still ensures safe flight, the same flight weather conditions as the large jet commercial aircraft, and the performance