Welded Mesh Basket Tray

Welded Mesh Basket TrayItem # 20152001Material: Grade304 Stainless SteelDimensions:L680mmXW550mmXH30mmOpening 6.35mmx6.35mm and Wire dia.1.2mmFrame Wire:5.0mmFinish:Electropolishing

l Barbecue Grill BBQ Wire Mesh

304/316 Stainless Steel Barbecue Grill Stainless Steel BBQ Wire MeshStainless Steel BBQ Wire Mesh including 304Stainless Steel BBQ Wire Mesh, 316Stainless Steel BBQ Wire Mesh and 302Stainless Steel BBQ Wire Mesh. The Stainless Steel BBQ Wir

lity stainless steel wire mesh

Charlotte`s web stainless steel screenenjoys lighter weight,nice look,excellent property against rust and supercorrosion resistance,hence offers longer work span comared with other insectscreen. We use structural Grade 304 and 316 stainless

en Stainless Steel Filter Mesh

Strong Team! Best Quality! High Integrity! Commitment ! 31 years of Professional Quality, Leader in stainless steel wire mesh field China. 1. Stainless steel wire meshMaterial: SUS201,SUS304, 304L, SUS316,SUS316L,310,310S,SUS302, etc.2. Wea

ectro Galvanized Mini BBQ Mesh

Electro Galvanized Mini BBQ MeshProduct DescriptionBBQ Mesh is available in different metals, like Stainless Steel wire, mild steel galvanized wire, or welded wire, in shape of round, square, rectangular, curve, etc.Crisp Bbq Cooking Grill

y ring weaving decorative mesh

super quality ring weaving decorative mesh Ring decorativemeshis manufactured with stainless steel wire, brass wire, copper wire and low carbon steel wire. The stainless steel wire make thedecorative wiremeshlong lasting and durable. The co

nosodium Glutamate MSG 20 Mesh

20 mesh monosodium glutamate , big mesh ,favorite in africa market. Molecular Weight: 187.13Synonyms: MSG, Monosodium glutamate, L-Glutamic acid, Monosodium salt , Monohydrate 99%CAS No: 32221-81-1Pakage: 25kg/bag or 455g/bagMolecular formu

und Hole Perforated Metal Mesh

Round Hole Perforated Metal Mesh Round Hole Perforated Metal Mesh are widely used in most of industries. Art design hole shape and colored surface treatment make the punched mesh metal most popular choice to decorate your place. Punching pe

Aluminum Foil Expanded Mesh

Aluminum Foil Expanded Mesh Aluminium foil mesh,one of expanded aluminium mesh, is a new kinds filter products in Anping, China. The features of aluminum foil mesh: strongself stretching, reasonable tensile degree self control, good control

ss Steel Twill Weave Wire Mesh

Stainless Steel Twill Weave Wire Mesh Stainless Steel Twill Weave Wire Mesh is the most advantageous product in Anping market.Anping is the hometown of wire mesh in China. Most of the wire cloth products in China are basically Anping produc

n Link Fence Diamond Wire Mesh

Galvanized Chain Link Fence Diamond Wire MeshChain link fence, also referred to as chain-wire fence, cyclone fence, hurricane fence, or diamond mesh fence , is one of the most popular choices of fence for both light residential to heavy com

Dryer screen

Spiral dryer screenMainly used for paper mill paper drying, textile printing and dyeing products drying,Features: easy to repair, smooth surface, long service life.Weave Dryer FabricsIt is mainly used for paper mill paper drying, drying and

Sell Wedge wire filter drum

Wemanufactures wedgewire screensand fabricated wedgewire screens for a demandingclientelewho require high quality, compliance and responsive customer service.It widely be used inWater Well Production,Water Treatment,FoodBeverage,PulpPaper,M

Sell Stainless steel wire mesh baskets

Wire Mesh Filter BasketsGas LiquidFilterWireMeshMaterial: stainless steel wire,galvanized iron wire,copper wire,AL,MONEL,etc.Function: Air,water,oil, fuel, lightfilter,etcMesh size: 20mesh, 40mesh, 60mesh, 80mesh, 100mesh, 200mesh, 400mesh

Steel square crimped wire mesh

Stainless Steel square crimped wire mesh Light Duty Crimped Wire Meshisused forBarbecue Wire Mesh alsoasfenceorfiltersinalotofindustries;HeavyDutyCrimpedwiremesharealso namedQuarryMesh,itismostlyusedasscreeninmining,coalfactory,construction

Chicken Wire for Crafts to Surprise You

Chicken Wire Mesh Made Indoor or Outdoor CraftsChicken wire meshis no longer justfenceto protect our egg-laying friends from foxes anymore, it is showing up outside and inside as the most stylish decorative material at home and commercial s

338 High Security Fence

338 High Security Perimeter Fence Resist Any Vandalism338SF-01:Black vinyl-coated 338 railway security fencing.338 high security fenceis an upgraded version of358 high security mesh. Their difference lies in smaller cross wire spacing. 4 mm