Saw Tooth Greenhouse China Glass Greenhouse manufacturer

Saw Tooth GreenhouseChina Glass Greenhouse manufacturerThe Saw Tooth model greenhouse combines optimal ventilation with special strength for withstanding different loads.PRODUCT PARAMETERSCan be customized according to your requirementsPROD

China Chaise Lounge Chair factory

Size: 173w*72d*91hFeatures:-Features wood legs -Adds a stylish and dramatic accent to any room.QA:1. What is the density of sponge?For sofa seaters 45D high resilience,for arm 25D to 30D ,depends on the design.2. What standard you use to ch

Cassava cleaning and washing machine

In the process of cassava processing, the first step will be the cleaning and washing. The machine be used in the cleaning and washing process not only determine the damage rate of the material but also have an importance influence on the f

Galvanized silo for corn storage

The flat bottom bins are made of high quality 275g/m2, 300g/m2, 350g/m2 hot-dip galvanized steel plates which are rolled into corrugation and made into standard connecting holes. The vertical friction is support by the steel silo stiffeners

Flat Bottom Silo For Grain Storage

Flat Bottom Silos Description of Flat Bottom Silos Flat bottom silos (also called flat bottom bins, flat bins) are commonly selected steel silos or steel bins to storage bulk grains and other materials. Large volume storage is its typical f

Small scale organic fertilizer plant

this organic fertilizer production plant consists of :1. Self Propelled Compost Turner-Model: 9ALCFYD-20002. High Moisture Fertilizer Crusher-Model: ALCLSFS-603. Horizontal Mixer-Model: ALCWSJB-704. Organic Fertilizer Dedicated Granulator M

Compost Turner for sale

When looking to buy a compost turner, you may realize that many manufacturing companies are limited to producing only a few machine sizes. However, Allance compost machines are customized to fit your specific need. When building a compost t

Corn Sheller Machine For Sale

Introduction:OurCorn Sheller Machineis widely applied for livestock breeding, farms and household use. It is used shelling maize from cobs. Corn sheller, the main working parts of the rotor is installed on the machine, the rotor high-speed

NAKIN JL Portable Oil Purifier Machine

Product DescriptionNAKIN JL portable oil purifier machine mainly purifys the unqualified insulating oil, turbine oil, lubricating oil etc., remove the particles from oil effectively. This oil purifier machine can do precision filtering, it

flagstone on net

Available Size2 pieces/square meter,4 pieces/square meterThickness of paving landscaping stone: 1-1.5cmItem NOJJ-PM02-C020MaterialNatural paving stone on netTypeFan shape,Rectangular,Square,Fish-bone shape,Big circle shapeSurface FinishingN