hot metal ladle rail mounted transfer cart manufacturer

1、Product descriptionThe ladle transfer cart is specially designed to transfer the high-temperature ladle, Owing to its strict requirement on safetyanti-high temperature, so material, driving systemelectrical parts will be specially design


SCREW PIN ANCHOR SHACKLE U.S. TYPE,drop forgedART NO.SIZEW.L.LPIN DIAI.LN.WinchtoninchinchlbsSF11013/16"1/31/47/80.05SF11021/4"1/25/161-1/80.12SF11035/16"3/43/81-7/320.19SF11043/8"17/161-7/160.31SF11057/16"1-1/21/21-11/160.38SF110

HHXG Electric Chain Hoists

HHXG Electric ChainHoists with thermal motor protection standard to prevent overheating and operated by atwo-button up/down switch are designed for lifting the weight to facilitatework or repairing large machines. The aluminum die cast body

CPT Electric Chain Hoists

CPT electric chain hoists are madefrom strong alloy iron and processed by strict inspection adopt completelyenclosed design and the entire mechanism for providing the most comfortableoperation and performance. CPT electric chain hoists have

HHB Electric Chain Hoists

HHB Electric chainhoists arethe new style and effective equipment for lifting, transmission, which canimprove working condition and highly enhance labor efficiency. The uniqueoverloading safety protection setting and electrical machine hot

(N)RM Electric Chain Hoists

(N)RM Electric Chain Hoists are new KITO type electric chain hoists whichfurther builds upon previous RM series, To ensure safety, it adds overloadclutch inside (built in friction clutch/safety clutch/ slipclutch/ overloadlimit) rather than

RM Electric Chain Hoists

M ElectricChain Hoists are available from 0.5t up to 35t with single speed or dual speed,which run on an electric power source and have a chain sling type,it isgenerally accepted by wordwide customers within the lifting equipment industry d

Material Handling molten steel ladle transfer car

Product ApplicationThe electric molten steel transfer car are the new model ones that our engineers design according to the brick suppliers' information for the site situation and requirement. This kind of electric molten steel transfer car

Return crushing plant conveyor Roller

Description:Pipe: Q235, 3.0-6.0mm thickness.Shaft: 45# steel.Bearing: HRB, SKF, 2RS C3.Seal: labyrinth seal.Paint: powder coatedspray paintbaked paint.Standard: JIS, CEMA, DIN, AS, SABS.