Discount Wavy Human Hair Wig

Material100% Remy Human HairShown ColourButterscotchHair StyleWavyLength14"Cap ConstructionCapless; Lace Front; Full Lace; Lace Front Mono TopWeight120g

d with the newest model design

Product Description size 1220*2440mm,1525*1525mm,915*2135mm core poplar,birch,hardwood,combi-core thickness 2.7mm,4mm,5.5mm,6mm,9mm,12mm,15mm,18mm,25mm faceback okume, bintangor,maranti,poplar,birch glue melamine glue,MR glue,WBP glue moist

cake shape wedding box design

Birthday cake shape wedding box design Birthday cake shape wedding box design, a new design of wedding box, look like a kind of exquisite birthday cakes from their shapes, but in fact they are elegant wedding box. They are very suitable for

With Hood Panda Animal Design

Baby Bath Towel With Hood Panda Animal DesignSAFEHEALTHY – Bamboo is HYPOALLERGENICANTI-BACTERIAL. Safe for baby soft skin, our premium hooded bamboo towels offer warm, soothing comfort that`s free of odors or harsh chemicals; making it pe

ester Printing Rug with Design

Polyester Printing Rug with Design The product of Polyester Printing Rug with Design is made from 100% Polyester. It has thecharacteristic of Dampproof, durable, Anti-friction and easy to clean.. The Beautiful Printing Carpet can be made in


1. Sweet heart neckline to be heavily gathered into knot at centre front.2. Panels of dress to gather into twist front knot.3. Gather contrast sequin panels heavily.4. Cut out section at centre front.5. Gather skirt of dress heavily into wa


1. Outer fabric: 100% polyester lace on top bodice, and 100% polyester tulle ruffle on skirt.2. Lining: 100% polyester.3. One strap heavy pleated top bodice.4. Sweet heart padded top.5. Mini dress7. Centre back zip.8. Custom sizes and color

en Desk Led Lamp Simple Design

Wooden desk lamp is designed refer to simple element. The frame of lamp is natural wood. The top is flat, and it can be used as platform. Decorate some small articles or jewelry on it. The light is led, and the brightness is adjustable. It

n Multilayer PCB Modern Design

Product Description: Circuit Board Prototyping, Blank Circuit Board, Copper PCB Board. 4 Layers HASL LF, Applications is Security Equipment, Features is Hole Copper, Hole Copper is 35um.The application of embedded technology can help to sig

tdoor Playground in New Design

Kids Outdoor Playground architectural design should accord with the principle of public buildings form unification and change, to contrast and differential, balance and stability, proportion and scale, rhythm and rhythm. Visual and parallax

Brass/Copper Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Brass/Copper/Bronze Hexagonal Wire Mesh with Bright ColorBrass hexagonal mesh, copper hexagonal wire mesh and bronze hexagonal mesh are decorative mesh. They are different due to the number of copper is different. Brass hexagonal mesh has 6

Stainless Steel Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Stainless Steel Hexagonal Wire Mesh with Better Corrosion Resistance to Protect Plant and AnimalStainless steel hexagonal wire mesh is also called stainless steel hexagonal wire netting, stainless steel chicken wire. Compared with galvanize

PVC Coated Hexagonal Wire Mesh

PVC Coated Hexagonal Wire Mesh with Long LifePVC coated hexagonal wire mesh is wrapping PVC coating on the surface of wire, then weaving to various specifications hexagonal wire mesh. The raw material of wire could be low carbon steel, stai

Galvanized Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Galvanized Hexagonal Wire Mesh for Durable FenceGalvanized hexagonal wire mesh is also known as chicken wire, chicken fencing, hexagonal wire mesh and hex wire mesh. This kind of hexagonal wire mesh is woven by iron wire, low carbon steel w

Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Hexagonal Wire Mesh to Encircle Poultry or GardenHexagonal wire mesh is also known by the name of chicken wire, gabion mesh and hexagonal wire netting. Materials of wire are low carbon steel, stainless steel, zinc-5% aluminum alloy (galfan)

Gold Bars

Commodity:Gold Dore Bar Form: Dorebars. Purity: 98.95%or better Fineness: 24carats Price: GoldDore Bars: $ 28,000 USD/KG Minimumquantity: 10 kg MaximumQuantity: 100 kgPayment: 72Hour after assay report from buyer’s nominated refineryTerms:

ss wire mesh

Industries of mining, petroleum, filtering, chemicals, construction, food, pharmaceuticals,mechanical manufacture, scientific research, aviation, etcMaterial:MainlyType304,304L,316,316LStainlessSteelWire.Features:Wear-resisting,heat-resisti

ss wire

Stainless Steel Wireare used in a number of industries includingwire-drawing, mesh weaving, soft pipe, isolation layer andclean ballin kitchen, steel rope, filter material, making of spring and nails, medicine and petrochemical.Material:301

PVC coated wire

PVC Coated Iron Wireis mainly used in the production of the chain link fence for industrial security fences, freeway and airport fences,park and zoo fences,animal breeding fences,andstadiumfences. It is also used in other applications such

galvanized wire

Galvanized Iron Wireare widely used infencing, wire mesh products, nail products,products packaging,medical equipment and device, brush, tightwire, steel rope, high-pressure pipe, arts and crafts, constructionand other daily uses.Material:

black iron wire

Usage:We offer Black Iron Wire with two types basically: black drawn iron wire and soft black annealed iron wire. Black drawn iron wire is a kind of hard drawn carbon steel wire, suitable for mesh weaving, fencing, iron nail, galvanizing or

Stainless Steel Window Screen

Stainless Steel Window Screens - Ensure Babies SafetyStainless steel window screen is also called guard against theft window screening. It is a kind of plain woven window screen. Stainless steel insect screen fits for new and high-end famil

201 Stainless Steel Security Screen

201 Stainless Steel Security Screen - Insect Isolation201 stainless steel security screen with powder coated offers good fire prevention, high temperature resistance, good toughness and rust resistance properties, so the cost-effective of 2

316L Stainless Steel Security Screen

316L Stainless Steel Security Screen - Anti-rust and Heat Resistance316L stainless steel security screen is a kind of new high-end home security screen. 316L stainless steel security screen and 316 stainless steel security screen are very s

316 Stainless Steel Security Screen

316 Stainless Steel Security Screen - Anti-corrosion316 stainless steel security screen is a kind of plain woven security screen with powder coated layer. Its material 316 stainless steel wire has more than 900 MPa high tensile strength tha

304 Stainless Steel Security Screen

304 Stainless Steel Security Screen for Super Hardness304 stainless steel security screen is also called bulletproof security screen or crime safe mesh screen. Its 304 stainless steel material offers excellent fire prevention, high temperat

Stainless steel Spring Wire

Material:201, 202, 301, 302, 304, 304L, 316, 316Letc.Wire diameter:0.3-5.0mmCharacteristics: excellent straightnesshelixwith good cast; Uniformbeautiful surface condition; High elasticity andhigh fatigue resistance; Strong corrosion resista

Soft Stainless Steel wire

Wire diameter: 0.10- 4.00 mmMaterial grade: 201, 202, 301, 302, 304, 304L, 316, 316L etc.Characteristics:shiny surface condition excellent workabilitySoft stainless steel wire application: welding net, knitmesh,flexiblehose,conveyor and fli

High Quality Stainless Steel Wire

Diameter: 0.016-4.0mmMaterial Grade: 201, 202, 301, 302, 304, 304L, 316, 316L etc.Type :Soft wire,hard wire,spring wire,welding wire etc.Characteristics: Bright smooth surface ,high corrosion resistance ,highToughness.

Low Chrome Cast Balls

Technical Specification:MaterialLow Chrome White Cast IronSizeDia. 10 –125 mmComposition %C 2.0-3.5, Si 1.2 max, Mn 1.0 max, Cr 2.0 approx, S / P 0.20 maxHardness45 – 50 HRCBreakage3% MaxImpact1.6 J/cm2 minTolerance (mm)10 / 12.7 / 15 / 1

Titanium Sheets

● ProductDescriptionTitanium sheetand plate are defined with the only difference of sizes. All these products aremade from titanium slabs by cold rolling or hot rolling. ASTM B265 is the mostcommon used standard. We can also supply materia

Titanium Bars

● ProductDescriptionTitanium barsand billets can be round, rectangular and hexangular in different sizes. Theyare all made from quality titanium ingots.Bar products canmeet various standards, including ASTM B348, ASTM F67, ASTM F136 and AM

Ceramic Fiber Blanket

1260 Blanket1400 Blanket1500 Blanket1600 BlanketClassification temperature ( °C)1260142515001600Melting point (°C)176017001760-ColourWhiteWhiteBlue greeWhiteFiber diameter ( u m) length (mm)~250~250~150~100Linear shrinka

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