ABB pressure transmitter

ABB pressure transmitterAS Transmitter Co., Ltd. provide all types of ABB transmitters.Example of models we can offer:ABB 266 Series Pressure Transmitters,ABB 261 Series Pressure Transmitter,ABB 364 Series Pressure Transmitters,ABB multivar

ntake and Exhaust Valve Engine

Product description Product nameMITSUBISHI Intake and Exhaust Valve Engine MaterialNormal material: inlet 40Cr, exhaust 4Cr9Si2,Best material:inlet 4Cr9Si2, exhaust 21-4NRaw material for valve spindle 4Cr10Si2Mo,23-8N,Ni-Cr-W,NI80A Harden p

s Truck Windshield Wiper Motor

WIPER MOTOR: permanent magnet double-speed dc MOTOR with automatic resetting function and straight teeth connection of output shaft.It is applied to medium and large buses such as Benz, MAN, bombardier, VOLVO, yutong and jinlong, with a lif

d Capacitor Run Electric Motor

YL Series Single Phase Capacitor Start And Capacitor Run Electric Motor is designed and manufactured in according with national standard,newly developed by our company with low noise,compact construction,lightweight,easy maintenance etc.The

Camaro ZL1 engine pullout

2013 Camaro ZL1 engine pulloutThis is the supercharged 6.2L 550hp LsA motor with 6 speed manual transmission. Has 40k miles and comes complete with all the wiring computers and accessories need for an engine swapFor more information and oth

Bench Grinders

ElectricMotors, 3 Phase Electric Motors, Three Phase Electric Motors, 1 PhaseElectric Motors, Single Phase Electric Motors, Solid Yoke DC Motors, Breakand Clutch Motors, Geared Motors, Slip Ring Induction Motors, Grinders Polishers, Bench G

orklift with Mitsubishi Engine

7.0 Ton Diesel Forklift Goodsense7.0 Ton forklift with imported engineadvantages: 1.Standard powered braking system offers quick-respond brake and effective brake; high capacity bag type accumulator with good performance improves truck reli

l Forklift With Xinchai Engine

1.5 Ton Diesel Forklift1.Thanks to the long wheelbase design, the longitudinal stability of whole truck is improved, the residual load capacity at same height is improved greatly. At the same time, it prolongs the working life time of steer

inder kit Minarelli Am6 engine

Cylinder kit Minarelli Am6 engine This is Am 6 Cylinder Kit 50cc,including Am6 piston,piston ring,piston pin,oil seal,etc,Complete cylinder kit Minarelli Am6 engine parts.Now Sonora Motors are supplying good quality minarelli am6 cylinder k

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Stator Rotor Core

Product NamePermanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Stator Rotor CoreMaterialCold rolled non-oriented silicon steel 50W270, 50W310, 50W 470, 50W600SupplierWISCO, BAO STEEL ,SHOUGANG GROUP,TISCOStandardDIN GB ISO JIS RangeΦ 100mm -- Φ 990mmStac

Marine Spare Parts For Engine

It is mainly including YANMAR MAL 200-EN, -SN YANMAR, M220L-EN, -SN, YANAMR N330-EN, YANMAR Z280-EN forYANMAR series of products, we mainly provide the spare parts of cylinder head , cylinder liner , piston etc, we provides all kinds of bor

Allen Bradley Servo Motor

XINJIHONG AUTOMATION Co., Ltd. can provide all models of Allen Bradley Servo Motor.Except the model above, we can provide the other models as follows:Allen bradley servo motor LDL-T075480-EHTxxAllen bradley servo motor LDL-T075480-DHTxxAlle

Custom Make Aluminium DC Motor Case


Electrophoresis DC Motor Case