s for Signs Commercial Signage

Mini Acrylic LettersThe mini light up letter is the most beautiful and fashionable letters in the advertising signages. The beautiful lines allow you to open your mind and think how to design and express it. The two characteristics of the m

e Stretcher Expander Shoe Tree

It has happened to us all: we get those brand new shoes on our feet only to find that they are unbearable to wear. Or we have that pair of shoes that we love but they have never seemed to fit correctly. Whether it is the tightness of the sh

ofiber Cloth to Make Knitwear

Printed Warp Knitted Microfiber Towels 1. The Detailed Descriptions ofPrinted Warp Knitted Microfiber Towels The Towels Material: 100% Microfiber Material; The Size of thePrinted Warp Knitted Microfiber Towels: Any Different Sizes Can be OE

elling Ladder Wooden Bookshelf

As the name suggests,the ladder bookshelf isa clever twist on the best selling range. Balance adds stylish, contrasting storage, whilst maintaining the timeless appeal of the original. Available in the combinations of oak and charcoal or oa

O Roofing Sheets For Warehouse

PET Membrane MgO Roofing Sheets For Warehouse "Iron Crown " MgO Anti-corosion Insulating Roofing Sheets"Iron crown" High strength Fireproof anti-corrosion Insulating MgO roofing sheets is a kind of energy-saving and environmental prote

Insulation Mgo Roofing Sheets

Whatis MGO roofing sheets? Iron Crown Fire proof Mgo roofing sheet is a new kind of energy-saving,ECO Friendly Roof Sheets.Theroofing sheet ismadeofseveralkindsofinorganicchemicalmaterials,lineprocessingandcombined.It was made of a MgO , Mg

ery QQ S11-1601020/ S11-160130

Auto Clutch Set for Chery QQ S11-1601020 / S11-160130Clutch Set S11-1601020 / S11-1601030 is applicable to Chinese Car Chery QQ.Size: 180mm / 18T. Clutch Cover: S11-1601020; Clutch Disc: S11-1601030.We can supply Clutch Release Bearing QR51

utch Kit for Mitsubishi Pajero

623057260 SYC Clutch Kit for Mitsubishi Pajero. The Size of Clutch Kit 623 0572 60 is 225mm / 23T. LUK No.: 623 0572 60. It is applicable toMitsubish L200 2.0L; L300 2.5 D; Pajero I 2.6L; Pajero II 2.6L 4WD.For the Mitsubishi, We have other

Fiesta Disc Clutch XS617550AB

Ford Fiesta Disc Clutch XS617550AB. Disc Clutch XS617550ABis applicable to Ford Fiesta1.4L. 190mm / 17T, with Sachs Appearance. It has pre-damper. For American car, we produce clutch kit for Ford, Chevrolet, GM, Dodge, etc.If you need more

Plato Friction Assembly HDC-54

Hyundai Atos Auto Clutch Cover Assembly HDC-54. Auto Clutch Plato Friction Assembly HDC-54is applicable to Hyundai Atos, The size is 180mm. OE No. is HDC-54. It is PHC Valeo appearance.For the Hyundai, We have other Clutch Plato Friccion fo

h Cover Assembly for Toyota 3A

31210-12100 Auto Clutch Cover Assembly for Toyota 3A. Auto Clutch Cover Assembly 31210-12100is applicable to Toyota 3Y. The size is 200mm. It is Aisin appearance.We have other clutch pressure plate for Toyota, for Aygo, Avanza, Avensis, Cam

Polyester Warp Knitting Towel

Printed Warp Knitted Microfiber Towels 1. The Detailed Descriptions ofPrinted Warp Knitted Microfiber Towels The Towels Material: 100% Microfiber Material; The Size of thePrinted Warp Knitted Microfiber Towels: Any Different Sizes Can be OE

Polyester 20 Polyamide Towels

MiOrdinary Weft KnittedMicrofiber Towelsis Different From Warp Knitted Microfiber Towels, It is 100% Microfiber Material with 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide. Very Good Elastic On Weft Knitted Towels. Mostly, Ordinary Weft Knitted Towels is Us

nal Light Weft Knitting Towel

Microfiber Towels Item: Weft Knitted Microfiber Towels With Different Weight and Sizes,100% Microfiber Material Weft Knitting Towel1. The Detailed Microfiber Towels Introductions: The Material ofWeft Knitted Microfiber Towels: 100% Microfib

od Metal TV Stand with Shelves

A distinct style makes the Walnut Wood Metal TV Stand with Shelves a charmingly unique piece to add a retro-contemporary flair to any room. Designed with metal hairpin legs and white finished cabinet doors, the entertainment center features

alve Engine Parts EMD645 Valve

Product Description Specification:Train engine parts, TrainDiesel engine valve for EMD 645Material fortrain engine valve :21-4N,23-8N,Ni80A,Titanium,Inconel751 etc. Advanced enginevalves:End welding piece stellite engine valve,U Quenched en

ndle Pull Down Kitchen Faucets

Deck Mounted Chrome One Handle Pull Down Kitchen FaucetsChrome Finished Kitchen Faucet easy to clean metal plated finished will withstand years of use while maintaining its beauty. Hot Cold Kitchen Faucet use durable ceramic cartridge with

d taps kitchen faucet pull out

Chrome finished tapspull out kitchen faucet. Kitchen faucets with pull out sprayer in chrome color finished. The special design is in Modern Faucet body and wash pipe, some position are wide and some are narrow. It belongs to the samll Kitc

llet Clip With Customized Logo

Metal Wallet Clip With Customized LogoCustom Cool Money Clips For Sale, be made up of brass. Thestandard process for Wallet Clip With Customized Logo is stamping. The logo,size and color for Metal Money Clip Wallet With Custom Design can be

raft Bottle Opener With Nickel

Customized Aircraft Bottle Opener With Nickel It`s a popular metal craft in the market-AircraftBottle Opener. We could make it by zinc alloy die casting. And there are manyplating color can be provided, such as gold, nickel, silver, brass a

Gift For Him With Custom Size

Keychain Gift For Him- Be used of Personal Decorations,Commerce Gift,Home Decorations and so on. And our company have all process production line about Keychain Gift For Him, each process is under our control including the cost, we can prov

Metal Medal with Gold Plating

Latest Design Metal Medal with Gold PlatingThis isShop Award Medalsin our factory. Personalized Logo For Metal Medal, one of our mainly products .AndCustom Hot Sale Sport Medal With Ribbon, the material of Metal Medal could be zinc alloy, i

d KOMATSU S6D125 Engine Piston

Products Details Name:KOMATSUconstruction machinery Diesel Engine Piston Material for Engine Piston:Silicon aluminum alloy is widely used in piston material of modern engine. Diesel engine piston is mainly copper nickel magnesium aluminum a

Capri3.0GT Engine Parts Valve

Products Detail Specification:Car engine spareparts Ford Capri3.0GT car engine valveBasic information for Ford Capri3.0GT Engine Valve Intake Engine Valve 702M6507BB Size :41.1×8.0×114.5mm; Exhaust Engine Valve 702M6505BA Size:37.0×8.0×

ngines Racing Car Engine Valve

Products Detail Name:Racing car engine parts enginevalve,Titanium engine valve Our one piece forged high temperature titanium alloys engine valve are used when light weight valves are of relevance to achieve very high RPM'S ,These valves ar

Power Divider (Power Splitter)

With frequency range from VHF, UHF to 40GHz, our products cover wide range of industries from telecommunication to radio broadcast, from aerospace and satellite communication to defense, including Power splitters, Directional couplers, Hybr

75-3800MHz Directional Coupler

Parameter Specification Frequency Range 575-3800MHz Coupling 3±0.8 dB 5±1.0 dB 6±1.0 dB 8±1.0 dB 10±1.0 dB 13±1.0 dB 15±1.0 dB 20±1.0 dB 30±1.0 dB 40±1.5 dB Insertion loss 3.6dB 2.3dB 1.8dB 1.1dB 0.8dB 0.5dB 0.5dB 0.4dB 0.3dB 0.3d

Rf Cavity Duplexer PASSBAND

Device that allows bi-directional (duplex) communication over a single path,radar and radio communications systems.Isolates the receiver from the transmitter while permitting them to share a common antenna .Most radio repeater systems inclu

LTE Cavity Duplexer/Diplexer

JX-CD-698-2700-04WP cavity duplexer covers from 698-2700MHz cavity duplexer for LTE solution, with low insertion loss, high rejection feature in small size. Jingxin can customize RF passive components according to the client's demand. Item

y Duplexer Qn-Female Connector

Duplexer is a special frequency duplex station, the main components of the relay, its role is to send and receive signals isolated to ensure that both receiving and transmitting can work properly. It is composed of two different frequency b

jection molding machine 110ton

Servo motor injection molding machine 110ton Servo energy-saving injection molding machines: there is no extra energy consumption due to output volume changes aacording to load. In the phase of holding pressure ,servo motor lowers rotate an

yer plastic scrap resin dryers

Hopper dryer which is matched with autoloader to dry material. -heat wind is equil and evenly ,high efficiency -stainless steel spare parts -hopper barrel and bottom is sperately, easy to clean,easy to change -over heat protectionhttp://www

o injection machine for basins

BUEN 330ton servo injection machine for basinsOur injection molding machine is suitable different plastic products such as chairs, tables, dust bins ... our machine features as below:Thermoplastic injection molding;Injection machine fixed p

on blow molding machine KS70FS

Extrusion blow molding machine KS70FS This is our new model KS70FS, single station and the structure uses toggle .Multi-layer die head is optional to produce the barrier properties bottles. This machine will be suitable for blowing bottles

stance tennis artificial grass

Tennis Artificial turf has the features of beautiful, high utilization rate, anti-abrasive, not easy to deform, good elasticity, anti-static, corrosion resistance, anti-UV, Environment friendly.TennisArtificial turf has good air-permeabilit

Artificial Willow Leaf Vine

Artificial Grape VinesArtificial vine has good function of decoration. High quality,life like artificial flowers and artificial plants has multiplebeautiful colors. The leaves and flowers made of silk,PU or PE,has longer lifetime, can up to

tificial Grass For Residential

Artificial Grass For Residential has the features of beautiful, high utilization rate, anti-abrasive, not easy to deform, good elasticity, anti-static, corrosion resistance, anti-UV, Environment friendly. It is convenient to install,and Ant

tball/ soccer artificial grass

Football Artificial GrassFootball Artificial Turf is made by straw which is made of PA,PP,PE material, and PP mesh cloth,sewn together by weaving machine. And then sick together by SBR.Soccer Artificial Grass has the features of beautiful,

ENIG 1oz 2.4mm 6 Layer PCB

Benefits of Multilayer PCBsThe entire curing process used to manufacture PCB multilayer boards creates a unified, extremely tough, solid multilayer board. This delivers a variety of benefits:Considerable space savings EMI shielding with gro

NIG 1u" 2.4mm Heavy Copper PCB

Range of OptionsHeavy-copper printed circuit board manufacturing includes both single, double-sided, and multilayer PCBs. The single and double sided are the most basic high-current printed circuit board configurations available for practic

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