Micronized Wax powder

Micronized Waxhasultrafine particle size, high melting point, outstanding grindability and smoothness, good recoatability, breathability. Micronized Wax has good mixing compatibility and dispersion. It used in solvent coatings, powder coati

Microcrystalline Wax Mineral Wax

Microcrystalline Wax PropertiesUnitSpecificationMelting Point℃76.6-85Oil content% wtMax.5Penetration25℃,100g,5secMax.100Color-Max.L1Proportion15/4℃0.84-0.87Flash point℃Min.200ViscositycSt15-23PackagingKg (bag)25ItemUnitSpecificationMelt

Oxidized High Density Homo polyethylene Wax OPE Wax

Oxidized High Density Homo polyethylene WaxpropertyTest StandardTypical ValueMettler Drop PointASTM D3954130°CDensityASTM D15050.99 g/ccHardness ASTM D-51.0 dmmAcid No.MgKOH/g20Viscosity @150°CBrookfield9000Particle sizeASTM D6913-200440

Powder Paraffin Wax 73 Paraffin Wax

Powder ParaffinWax Properties Test Method Specification Melting point ASTMD3954-94 73.1℃ Viscosity,mm2/s @100℃ ASTM D445 7.0 Size,16mesh GB/T 6005 ≥95% PACKING :25 KG Valve bag / 980KG Jumbo bag

Fischer Tropsch Wax Synthesis Wax FT Wax

Features:High melting point, High stability, Low Viscosity, Low oil content,Narrow Molecular weight Distribution, Fine crystal structure, Linear molecular structure, Low Viscosity, White color, Low penetrationApplications:In PVC processing