2-Ketoglutaric Acid Hair Styling Agent 328-50-7

Chemical Name: 2-Ketoglutaric acidAlternate names: alpha-Ketoglutaric acid, a-Ketoglutaric acid, alpha Ketoglutarate, 2-Oxoglutaric acid, 2-Oxopentanedioic acid; AKGCAS: 328-50-7EC Number: 206-330-3INCI Name: Ketoglutaric acidMol Formula: C

lic material edge banding type

0.8 mm Acrylic material edge banding Products are widely used in furniture, office, kitchen appliances, teaching equipment, civil laboratory.Product has the following main features: surface smooth, no bubbles, no grain, glossiness is modera

oxide sterilizer ordinary type

Ethylene oxide sterilizer ordinary typeEthylene oxide sterilizer ordinary type is a special equipment that uses ethylene oxide gas to fumigate the articles enclosed in the sterilization chamber under a certain temperature,pressure,and humid

Motion Bearings Standard Type

Linear Motion Bearings Standard Type products from RunFine combine the knowledge and efforts of linear drive systems (ball and roller screws) and linear guides and tables.Linear drive systems typically use screws to transfer rotary into lin

Fabric Book with various type

Baby Fabric Book with various type The small fabric book is made of softcloth and offers interactive features your baby will love to play with as theyfollow along each page. There are shape acknowledge,vehicle,daily supplies,animals,fruits

Oil Seal VC Type

The reinforced metal casing protects the sealing lip from damage or accidental spring dislocation when shaft installation is against the sealing lip. An optimized seal lip with a steel garter spring maintains a constant radial lip force for

UPVC Diaphragm Valve Weir Type

PVC diaphragm valve is made by PVC body, with PTFE or EPDM diaphragm, designed pressure PN10, with flange end or socket connection as per DIN, ANSI, JIS standards. Operated by hand wheel or pneumatic actuator. refer to the PVC material corr