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CHOLESTANE (3,3-D2, 98%)

NameCHOLESTANE (3,3-D2, 98%)Cat#CPIL105744Unlabeled CAS#481-21-0Labeled CAS#NAChemical FormulaC27D2H46Molecular Weight374.68Chemical Purity0.99

Eucommia Leaf Extract;Chlorogenic acid 5-98%

Specification:Product name: Eucommia ExtractBotanical name: Eucommia ulmoides oliv; Eurycoma Longifolia JackSpecification:5:1 10:1Packing: 25kgs/fibre drumActive Ingredients:chorogenic caidCAS NO.:327-97-9Usage:Used for diabetes, high bloo

Magnolia Bark Extract;Magnolol 2%-98%;Honokiol 2%-98%

Specification:ProductName:MagnoliaBarkExtractBotanicalName:MagnoliaofficinalisPartUsed:BarkSpecification:90% Honokiol/Magnolol 45% 90% Honokiol/Magnolol 40% 90% Honokiol/Magnolol 50% 95% Honokiol/MagnololActiveIngredient:HonokiolCASNo.:3535

Human ACTR8 adenoviral particles

Cat.No.AD00616ZDescriptionAdenovirus with ORF of ARP8 actin-related protein 8 homolog (yeast) (ACTR8) with C terminal Flag and His tag.InsertACTR8Product TypeAdenoviral particleShippingDry ice

Human ACTR6 adenoviral particles

Cat.No.AD00615ZDescriptionAdenovirus with ORF of ARP6 actin-related protein 6 homolog (yeast) (ACTR6) with C terminal Flag and His tag.InsertACTR6Product TypeAdenoviral particleShippingDry ice

Human ACTR5 adenoviral particles

Cat.No.AD00614ZDescriptionAdenovirus with ORF of ARP5 actin-related protein 5 homolog (yeast) (ACTR5) with C terminal Flag and His tag.InsertACTR5Product TypeAdenoviral particleShippingDry ice

Human ACTR3C adenoviral particles

Cat.No.AD00613ZDescriptionAdenovirus with ORF of ARP3 actin-related protein 3 homolog C (yeast) (ACTR3C), transcript variant 1 with C terminal Flag and His tag.InsertACTR3CProduct TypeAdenoviral particle


White:PowderModel No.:topclassPlace ofOrigin:HubeiMin.Order:1 GramMeans of Transport:Land, Ocean, TNT FEDEX DHL UPS EMS, AirProductionCapacity:500kg/monthPacking:special package Delivery Date:12h after get paymentEmail: lily@tkbiotechnology

sell 2NMC/ alprazolam,etizolam

2NMCApplication: for lab researchPackage: aluminous bagProduction Capacity:10kg/dayStorage:store in a cool dry place and keep away from direct strong lightMoisture Content:0.25%Delivery time:24HPurity :99%Transportation: DHL,FEDEX,UPS.EMSFu

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