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Alloy tooth saw blade welding machine

Model Number: MF4018


Hebei Xingtai Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. considering the feedback from customer that in the process of the material mechanism with a band saw, meet hardwood, frozen and nails wood, the general saw blade will be damaged in an hour. According to this situation, the company set up a technology research and development group, conducting tests research, new product is finally successful produced, its main role is welding alloy in the original saw blade and increase the hardness of saw blade, a welding alloy head side of the saw blade grinding, which meet the above situation, it can use more than 2 days. This product greatly saves labor and material resources, improve the production efficiency. Due to some customers worry about the high cost, after our company tested homemade alloy saw blade, the costs is less than 30 yuan/meters.

As long as there is MF4018 alloy tooth saw blade welding machine, it can convenient the use of alloy saw blade. Now the companies are starting order big amount of this product, we accept small amount of order as well.

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