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Metal Posts - a Heavy-Duty & Anti-Corrosive Product



Metal Posts Provide a Strong Support to Silt Fence

Metal posts for silt fencing we offered are mainly three types, including tubing posts, T-post and channel posts which are made of steel, stainless steel and other quality metal. They are designed to give strong support to silt fence fabric and form a efficient sediment control system. Metal posts for silt fence can be manufactured into both pointed (like a pencil) ones for easy installation and rounded ones to meet different requirements. In addition, being heavy-duty and corrosive-resistant, metal posts for silt fence have a wide range of applications.

Metal posts for silt fence are long lasting and re-usable.
Metal posts for silt fence have excellent anti-rusting, bending-resistant and erosion-resistant ability.
Being able to adapt to rugged environments and changeable weathers, metal posts for silt fence in different types and dimensions can meet your different needs.
Metal posts for silt fence can provide great support and stability to silt fence.
Metal posts for silt fence is easy to dive into ground and install.
Applied with silt fence fabric, metal posts are commonly placed at intervals on a disturbed slope or adjacent to streams and ponds. They can also be installed in marshlands and ditches or around storm drains for slope and soil protection.


10 pcs per bundle.
200 pcs per pallet.
There are bundles of round tubing posts tied with stripes of cloth.
MP-08: Metal posts can adapt to rugged environments and changeable weathers.There are uncoated T-posts piled up in the warehouse.
MP-09: Uncoated T-posts are one of the most hot-sale metal posts on the market.
There are pallets of T-posts with green coated piled up in the yard.
MP-10: T-posts, being covered by brown paper and packaged with pallets, can prevent from scratching during delivery.

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