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YJ-TY Series Used Engine Oil Recycling Equipment

5tons per day


YJ-TY Series Used Engine Oil Recycling Equipment

YJ-TY series used engine oil recycling equipment is particularly suitable to regenerate used engine oil including diesel engine oil, gasoline engine oil,motor oil,ship engine oil, truck oil, and used hydraulic oil, other used machinery lubrication oil.YJ-TY series used engine oil recycling equipment can remove water, impurity, acid base, and tiny impurity dispersed in oil such as carbon particles, heavy metal ions, deep oxides, as well as bad substance such as colloid and bitumen,recycle used engine oil to yellow base oil,the recycled base oil color is 1-1.5.Thus, the clarity of oil is recovered, engine oil quality improved, performance of engine restored, abrasion reduced, these would ensure correct operation of lubricant system of a engine and extend the life time of engine oil and engine as well.

YJ-TY series used engine oil recycling equipment adopts vacuum distillation process to convert used engine oil to yellow base oil,the highest vacuum is lower than 60pa, and the temperature is more than 350℃.
Main components:
Chemical reacting system: chemical reactor, blender;
Used oil reacting system: Chemistry reactor, blender,oil pump
Heating distilling system: distilling kettle, heater;
Cooling system: water pumps, water tank, water condenser,diesel oil condenser,base oil condensers, oil sludge condenser.
Vacuum system: vacuum pumps,roots pumps,
Oil collecting system: diesel oil collecting tank,light base oil collecting tank,heavy base oil collecting tank,oil sludge collecting tank.
Blending system :diesel oil blending tank,diesel oil filter pump,diesel oil filter,base oil blending tank,diesel oil filtering pump,base oil filter.
Control system: all kinds of gauge( vacuum gauge, pressure gauge etc.) and electricity controller cabinet

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