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plastic welding machine

BOSITE-3K( 2×1500W)



Hot air welders is also known as hot air gun,heat gun,hot air welding gun,hot air welding machine,plastic welder. hot air welding tools are used to join thermoplastic materials together. The tool brings the plastic material up to its specific weld temperature and then joins the pieces under pressure.

Bosite-3K-1500W Hot air plastic welder

With other plastic welding gun performance
Stable air pressure, low noise
Adjustable temperature
High welding efficiency
Fit with two 4meters long hot air guns .Two guns’ temperature and air flow, can be adjusted independently
To meet the requirement of different material plastic and different specification welding rod
It is an ideal tool for thermoplastic welding
Technical Parameters

?Voltage: 220V

Frequency: 50HZ

Air pressure: 0.04Mpa

Air volume: 25m3/h

Max Power: 2?1500W

Temperature scope: 40-650degree

plastic welding machine, plastic welding equipment,

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