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digital hot air welder

Bosite-DL hot air welder(1600W)



Hot air welders is also known as hot air gun,heat gun,hot air welding gun,hot air welding machine,plastic welder. hot air welding tools are used to join thermoplastic materials together. The tool brings the plastic material up to its specific weld temperature and then joins the pieces under pressure.

BOSITE-D09 Hot air welder

Technical Data
Temperature:40-700 degree
Air flow:13.8m3/h
Insulating intensity: 3750v
Air pressue:approx 3000Pa
CE certificate

There are many reasons for you to chose Bosite brand hot air products

1) For the quality we will provide our customers high quality plastic welding tools, you can rest assured that Bosite will only use the best raw material for our products.

2)For the price, we will provide you a very resonable and competive price. we have almost the same quality with German and swiss products ,but our price is much more competitive

3)For the delivery, we can ship the goods in time with the lead time we promise

4)For the after sales service, We will try to provide the best service to you.
Heating System is with one year warranty (Exclude heating core component) Electric spare parts are with one year warranty (Theseparts are offered with the machine) Motor is with 3 years warranty

The advantage of our heat guns

Our larger impeller blades are made of nylon66+40% glass fiber,it is really heat resistant material, it won& acute;t melt under high temperature of 180 degree,Our larger impeller blades increase the transmission of air flow across the heating element, with a larger total volume of air,(285 l/m). This speeds welding production times and welds up to a 2& quot; wide seam with one pass.

The superior motor features high temperature bearings and carriers made from heat reducing alloys that disburse heat to keep the motor components cool. The machine balanced spindles reduces vibration resulting in the smoothest operating hand gun on the

digital hot air welder, car bump repair welder,

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