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An automatic door factory with 10 years of OEM history, Retsun has focused in automatic door manufacturing for 12 years. With the start of simple manual sliding doors, we now have developed automatic sliding door operators, automatic revolving doors, semi-automatic operators, hospital doors, automatic swing door operators, etc..
At the current stage, we mainly offer the following services to our cutomers around the world:
1. Door operator manufactruing and sales.
2. OEM & ODM service.
3. Project (esp. revolving door ) consulate.
4. Market developing information sharing.
In 2005, ISO9001:2000 was introduced into our factory which helps to improve our quality to a new level.
By January 2014, we have 95 employees, 31 distritutors in China and 41 distributors overseas.
Welcome to visit our factory.

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Retsun Automatic Door Co.,Ltd

automatic sliding door ,automatic revolving door ,sliding door operator ,automatic door parts ,puerta automática

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