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BOSITE is one of the leading manufacturer of hot air plastic welding equipments, Extrusion welders, Heaters ,wedge welders and Blowers. We are the solution for Plastic Fabrication, Print- and Packaging, Pipe construction, Roofing, Civil Engineering, Tunneling, Process Heat, Tarpaulins, Flooring and much more.

We are offering a wide range of hot air welding tools and accessories:

Hot air welding gun tool (hand hot air welder) Hot air welding machines
Wedge welding machines Hot air blowers
Hand extrusion welder Industrial extruders
Industrial heaters Industrial blowers
Grommet machines Test equipments






Hot gas welding

also known as hot air welding, is a plastic welding technique which is analogous to gas welding metals, though the specific techniques are different. A specially designed heat gun, called a hot air welder, produces a jet of hot air that softens both the parts to be joined and a plastic filler rod, all of which must be of the same or a very similar plastic. Welding PVC to acrylic is an exception to this rule.Hot air/gas welding is a common fabrication technique for manufacturing smaller items such as chemical tanks, water tanks, heat exchangers, and plumbing fittings.In the case of webs and films a filler rod may not be used. Two sheets of plastic are heated via a hot gas (or a heating element) and then rolled together. This is a quick welding process and can be performed continuously.

Extrusion welding

Extrusion welding allows the application of bigger welds in a single weld pass. It is the preferred technique for joining material over 6 mm thick. Welding rod is drawn into a miniature hand held plastic extruder, plasticized, and forced out of the extruder against the parts being joined, which are softened with a jet of hot air to allow bonding to take place.



Wedge Welding

Wedge Welding uses a heated platen inserted between 2 or more thermoplastic materials to fuse or heat seal the plastics. Movement is translational. Heat sealing is caused by following the heated platen (or heated wedge) with a roller pressure means. 

We will adhere to pragmatic and cooperative attitude and flexible business strategies. We insist on “first quality , best service and timely delivery” and try our best to meet our client’s request. We warmly welco -me friends at home and abroad and experts come to our factory to guide, inspect and negotiating.

Handheld hot air welders, Handheld hot air welders, Hot air welding machine, Hot wedge welders, Plastic extrusion welders, Butt fusion welders, Grommet machine,

Bosite technology industrial Limited

Handheld hot air welders, Hot air welding machine, Hot wedge welders, Plastic extrusion welders, Butt fusion welders, Grommet machine

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